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 AimWarn v0.12(Alpha)

Shko poshtë 
FoX CoNn

MesazhTitulli: AimWarn v0.12(Alpha)   Sun Dec 21, 2008 2:59 pm

AimWarn v0.12 dev (Public Alpha)

This is the NEXT BIG thing in Anti-Cheats.
You must be running the latest HLDS version or your server will crash. Update via hldsupdatetool. You must have MetaMod v1.19 or MetaMod-P.
This is a public alpha release for bug testing, it is not fully functional and may cause undesirable effects on HLDS. Download and use at your own risk.
Although it runs absolutely fine on my server. It wont destroy your system if you use it.

Current Features

* Client System
o Network Layer (50%)
o Security Module Handling (2%)
o Anti-Crack/Anti-Debug (25%)
o Memory Encryption (2%)
o Kernel Mode Module (5%)

* Master System
o Network Layer (50%)
o Security Module Controls (2%)
o Module Distribution Protocol (2%)

* Detections
o Fire through wall
o Aim through wall (D)
o Snap style aimbot
o Fast Aimbot Detection (D)
o Lock style aimbot (D)
o Rapid Fire (D)
o Pre-Aim/Fire (2%)
o Reaction to PVS/Unknowns (2%)
o CVar Check (80%)

* Prevention
o File Consistency (2%)
o Wall Hack Block (40%)
o CVar Enforcement (90%)
o Alias Detection (90%)
o UserInfo Checks (80%)

o CSAY to all on warning level boundaries
o CSAY on probable detection
o Spectator HUD showing warning level and detections.
o HLTV last three warnings (80%)
o HLTV Cheat event notification to director module (70%)

* Competitive
o mp_clan_match mode (2%)
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AimWarn v0.12(Alpha)
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